Black Educators Committee Inc. (BEC) is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) public charity founded in 1968 to work towards closing gaps that exist in communities of color. 


Executive Board

  1. President – Claretha Y. Richardson
  2. Vice President – Vashti N. Burke
  3. Secretary – Carlene H. Burke
  4. Treasurer – Arlene Blaize-Easter
  5. Membership Chair – Angela Dickens
  6. Community Liaison – Cynthia McManus
  7. IT Administrator – John Udaze

our services


Visit this area often to see teaching resources such as seasonal activities and articles, financial literacy webinars, workshops facilitated by our members and partners, and links to student enrichment, remediation websites, and Apps.

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Community Service

As we look around our communities today, it is evident that we are confronted by the same disparities that inspired Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to write Where Do We Go from Here Chaos or Community?

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The cry for teacher diversityequity in education, and inclusion are not new “buzz” words in Black and Brown communities but rather the mantra. Studies have shown that “Black Teachers Improve Outcomes for Black Students”.

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